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Zoofari helps support conservation biologists and researchers working on the front lines in the battle to save wildlife and wild places.

Some of our global partners include:


Cheetah Conservation Botswana
Rebecca Klein and staff work to save the endangered cheetah


Pró-Carnívoros – Brazil
An organization dedicated to saving the Jaguar, Maned Wolf and many other South American species from extinction


Snow leopard Conservancy
An organization dedicated to finding better ways for people and snow leopards to coexist peacefully


Proyecto Titi
A conservation program that works to study cotton-top tamarins in their tropical forest habitat as well as educating local communities about the need to protect the biodiversity of Colombia.


Painted Dogs
A program that works to protect and increase the range and numbers of painted dogs.

Cheetah Outreach
An education and community-based programme created to raise awareness of the plight of the cheetah and to campaign for its survival.

Cheetah Conservation Fund
Works with all stakeholders within the cheetah’s ecosystem to develop best practices in research, education and ecology and create a sustainable model from which all other species, including people, will benefit.