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Piper is one of our Wallabies who came to Wild Wonders in 2011, specifically to become an education ambassador for her species. Piper is playful and curious about new things and people. She is quick to hop over to say hello to visitors. She enjoys scratches behind the ears, banana slices, carrots, or peanuts.

Piper has a sweet attitude and is loved by all who meet her. When she is not busy visiting schools and events as a “creature-teacher” she is playing the important role of sister to Maori. The two of them live happily just the way they would in the wild! Piper is very active and would love to have an enclosure with more hopping room. Your adoption will help us give her and her sister the space they need.

Adoptions are for one year and include:

  •  an adoption certificate
  • a mention on our Friends of Wild Wonders Ambassadors webpage,
  • a 4×6 photo of your animal
  • a fact sheet on your animal’s species, and
  • one free voucher to schedule a visit to our wildlife education facility in Bonsall and meet your animal in the fur

Please Note: Although your donation is not tax deductible be assured that your purchase goes toward the care of your adopted animal.