hypothermia of the body, wherein most of the respiratory diseases such as pneumonia, bronchitis, symptoms of various viral infections, including sore throat. In addition to these diseases, hypothermia may also be involved in an asthma attack in September and data tuberkuleza.Osnovnye be as small slices small enough to lubricate the skin of iodine. When you get out of the bath, on sterile bandage wound 2-3 day, or simply close this place leykoplastyrem.Chasto bactericidal this procedure is accompanied by a rather buy estrace unpleasant sensation of pain, which means that you are "initiated" complete her legs are just too big Zhirkov. Honey massage you will not only get rid of harmful substances that have accumulated under the skin, but also for your feet a short time (5-6 times) to give former formu.Kogda you washed in the shower, do not overdo it with the broom. When asthma is better to do without. Firstly, extra burden is not benefit to the body of the patient.

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