Zoofari is a 501c3 nonprofit organization that helps us support over 150 non-releasable wild animals at our 5 acre center.  All of these animals are rescues or come from education centers and act as animal-ambassadors for education programs on wild life preservation and conservation topics.  In addition, Zoofari foundation supports outreach conservation programs for disadvantaged youths in our community and grassroots international wildlife conservation programs around the world.


How You Can Help:

Financial Donations

      Financial donations will go directly to the care of the animals or to one of our global conservation partners. You can donate by sending a check OR you can use your credit card on PayPal by clicking the button below.

You can also donate through or Razoo.

Raise money for Zoofari without having to make a donation!


Please take a moment to register with At no cost to you, you can help Zoofari earn thousands of dollars each year from merchants you already shop with, such as Vons, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Borders, Eddie Bauer, Petco, PetSmart, Nordstroms, Macy’s, Sephora,, and many others!

You don’t have to live in California to register – anyone from any state can help us with our mission!

Signing up is free, fast, and will provide money for Zoofari to continue to care for the 120+ animals currently housed at our facility, as well as provide environmental education for disadvantaged youth and contribute funds directly to field biologists, on the frontlines in the battle to save wildlife!

  1. Visit
  2. Click “Sign Up”
  3. Type “Zoofari” in the search box
  4. Click “Zoofari Inc” when it appears
  5. Click “Next”
  6. Fill in the required fields
  7. Follow the instructions to enroll your grocery store cards, credit cards, and debit cards



If you have an American Express card you can sign up to make donations to Zoofari using your member reward points. Just CLICK HERE to get started.

Thank you so much for your support!

Please ask your friends and family to do the same!! The more people we can register, the more animals we can benefit! Thanks so much for your support!

Corporate Sponsors Needed!!!

Zoofari is always looking for corporate sponsors and donations. If you would like to become a sponsor, please contact us at

Sponsor a School Program or Event for Disadvantaged Youth

Many children do not get the opportunity to see and learn about our planets’ wildlife. By sponsoring a local school program, you are giving not only the children an amazing interactive learning experience, but helping to pay for the animals’ care as well! If you would like to sponsor a school program or event, please contact us at

We’re Proud to Announce our “Vanishing Spots” Cheetah Conservation Campaign

Here today but gone tomorrow? You can help make the difference! Become a Partner in Preservation today! Your donation goes directly to the care, feeding, housing, and medical treatment of your “adopted” cheetah.

Click “Sign Up”
Type “Zoofari” in the search box
Click “Zoofari Inc” when it appears
Click “Next”
Fill in the required fields
Follow the instructions to enroll your grocery store cards, credit cards, and debit cards