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Gift Cards:

(Any value) from any local grocery stores, Office Depot, Staples, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Pet Stores, etc.

Auto Supplies:

Auto GPS
Current Thomas Guides (SD, LA, OC, Riverside)

Outdoor Supplies:

      Landscaping materials / non-toxic plants, trees, and grasses


      Cordless drill / drill bits


      Small chainsaw or electric saw


      Compact tool set / tool kit (wrench, hammer, screwdrivers, etc.)


      Tool box


      Hand cart


      Car wash supplies (long scrub brushes, soap, etc.)


      6′ Rubbermaid table (2)


      Zip ties


      Bamboo screening (rolls)


      Bolts/yardage of black shade cloth


      Large plastic Rubbermaid storage cabinets


      Black plastic tarps


      Brass hose nozzles


    Large Rubbermaid totes

Pet Supplies:

      Vari kennels by Petmate (sizes 100 – 500)


      Fold-down wire portable dog kennels (all sizes)


      Livestock trough/tank (oval, metal – 2′x2′x6′ 160 gallon or 2′x2′x4′ 100 gallon)


      Heavy duty oval tank (180 gallon)


      Plastic “Vision” cages, for reptiles (all sizes)


      Hard plastic dog houses (all sizes)


      Plastic covered cat litter boxes


      Stanfield heat pads (also called pig blankets)


      Small glass aquariums (5 gallon) or terrariums


      Plastic Critter Keepers


      Bird toys


Kitchen Supplies:

      Paper towels,


      garbage bags,




      scrub brushes (any size),


      Simple Green,




      Dust Buster Refrigerator


      Box fan (square fan)


      Bolts or yardage of fabric with animal print


    Laundry Detergent

Office & Education Supplies:



      Digital video camera


      Portable sound system






      Whiteboards (medium to large)


    Dry erase markers