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The Wild Wonders wildlife education center houses over 120 animals located on 5 acres in Bonsall, CA. Many of these animals have been confiscated, are non-releasable or owner relinquished, and all of them are now animal-ambassadors that help us education the community about the importance of wild life conservation and preservation. We provide a nurturing permanent home for these “creature-teachers”, and strive to give these animals the best care from nutrition and behavioral enrichment to medical needs.

How you can help

Volunteer duties typically consist of assisting staff with the feeding, cleaning and socializing of our animals. For the comfort of the animals, we require a minimum of 4 hours/week as well as a minimum volunteer commitment of 3 months. In some cases, volunteers may graduate to assisting with animal presentations!  You must be 18 years or older.

We also need great landscapers, welders, and carpenters.

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