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Zoo Camp

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Reservations for both Zoo Camp events are currently available Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Jr. Keeper-For-A-Day camps are half day, beginning at 9:00AM and running until 1:00PM. The Zookeeper Mentor Program is a full day, and begins at 9:00AM. To see if your desired date has enough room available to accommodate your party, please fill out the form on the right.
All Zoo Camp events are at our Wildlife Education Center in Bonsall, CA.
Important: If a child has a severe allergy to nuts or animals, a parent MUST accompany the child to the camp. In this situation, there will be no charge for the parent.

If you have already purchased tickets through an online deal site (Groupon, Living Social, Zozi, etc.) then please reserve your Zoo Camp date through our reservation calendar: HERE. A RESERVATION is required to visit the facility.

Download Participant Letter Here and Release Form Here

Jr. Keeper-For-A-Day Camp (Ages 6-13)

Does your child want to be a zoologist? The Jr. Keeper-For-A-Day Camp allow them to participate in a hands-on half day camp that give each child a unique, up-close and personal experience with this exciting career.

Your child will spend half a day with our staff of biologists, life scientists, animal trainers, and zoo keepers learning about animals from all over the world. Campers will help care for a selection of the 120+ exotic animals that make their home at Wild Wonders. Our skilled educators will teach the campers about various adaptations and survival strategies employed by the animals, using fun, interactive games and activities. The camp curriculum adheres to national science standards, and includes interactions and unique animal-encounters with a range of exotic animals. The camp lasts from 9:00AM to 1:00PM with a snack break in the middle of the day.


The Jr. Keeper-For-A-Day Camp is $80 per half day. We offer sibling discounts.
Register early! Each Jr. Keeper-For-A-Day camp session is limited to 13 participants. Sessions with fewer than four students will be canceled. All registration is based on a first-come, first-served basis. Program spots are only secured once payment is received. You may register by phone at (760) 630-9230. No refunds will be given for cancellations made less than 3 days prior to the program.

Zookeeper Mentor Program (Ages 14+)

Looking to get into the Zoology field? The Zookeeper Mentor Program is a personalized experience for people with a strong interest in learning first hand about a career as a Zookeeper.

You will spend half a day at the Wild Wonder’s wildlife center in Bonsall, working side-by-side with professional zookeepers. By participating in the daily diet preparation, training, cleaning, and other animal care tasks, students will gain first-hand experience in animal husbandry, training, and enrichment. In this unique, hands-on program, participants will discover that it takes dedication and hard work to work in the animal field. This is a unique interactive experience that will be customized towards your interests!


The Zookeeper Mentor Program is $150 per half day. We offer sibling discounts.
Register now! This is a personalized one on one experience with a mentor. You may register by phone at (760) 630-9230. No refunds will be given for cancellations made less than 3 days prior to the program.