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Guided Tour

$30 per adult, $15 per child 17 and under (minimum $130 fee required for all tours)

Contact us today to schedule your interactive facility tour that will engage and excite anyone with an interest in animals. Our tours are intimate and educational and packed full with unique animal-encounters only Wild Wonders can offer. Each group is assigned their very own personal tour guide, led by one of our professional biologists and animal trainers. Your guide will introduce you to the wonders of many amazing animals and promises an experience of education and fun you will not forget. All tours take place at our wildlife education and conservation center, located on 5+ acres in Bonsall.

tourimage2This is a rare and unique opportunity to get up close and personal with binturongs, foxes, kinkajous, pythons and the rest of our animal ambassador family while learning more about the important roles these animals have in the wild!


tourimage1Our Tours are all behind-the-scenes style guided tours. They last about one hour and include a variety of unique and educational animal interactions and encounters not available at your typical zoo. Some of the terrain is hilly, with wooden steps that may be uneven. We recommend closed toed, comfortable walking shoes, as well as bringing water to drink.

Each tour will include photo opportunities and guests will have the opportunity to feed and interact with animals!

Cheetah Encounter

$250.00 for two guests /Special Discounted Rate (Reg rate $400)

Looking for something special for you and a loved one?  Book our special Cheetah Encounter Tour, which includes all of the features of the standard guided tour, plus an up close and personal meet and greet with one our cheetahs, Masika or Victor.  You’ll be able to meet a cheetah face to face, on a leash and harness, and learn more about these amazing creatures, including a once in a life time photo opportunity.  To attend, please mention Cheetah Tour in the comments of your reservation form.


Cheetah Masika with Trainers victor walking small


Please Note: You will NOT be admitted for a tour without a written confirmation from Wild Wonders.

Please try to schedule your tour a minimum of one week in advance.

To make a reservation or learn more, fill out the form below.

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