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Corporate Events & Festivals

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Why not invite “TRUE” party animals for your clients’ event. Our animal ambassadors make a unique and beautiful addition to any event. We can work with groups of 10-10,000 people. Planning a safari theme? We can provide anything from tigers to zebras. Arabian nights? Camels always complete the mood! Christmas Event? Our winter wonderland can include Penguins to reindeer. Our India themes can include Pythons to elephants.

Our animals are healthy and very comfortable in their public roles. Each friendly animal is accompanied by a well-dressed professional trainer.

Please note deposits are NOT refundable.

Presentation Details

  • -Animals are available for company picnics, festivals, evening theme setters, movie premieres, etc.
  • -Animals will attend events until 9pm
  • -Base fees includes one trainer and 2 animals
  • Event fees start at $395 for the first hour / $250 for each additional hour. Fees DO NOT include mileage*


To make a reservation, fill out the form to the right.

Helpful Tips

1. A schematic of location as well as directions are appreciated (ie. loading specs).

2. Location for animals should be as far away from live bands, large balloons, rides, etc. as


3. The following items may be required:

  • Solid backdrop
  • Secured area with stanchion
  • Table

(Please call to confirm your reservation!)

*User agrees to abide by the recommendations (helpful tips), listed on the corresponding services page.
*Deposits on corporate events are non-refundable.
*Requested animals are not guaranteed. In the event of a “bad fur” day, Wild Wonders reserves the right to substitute a requested animal with a comparable animal. All decisions relating to the animals (acceptance of location, group size, etc.) are left to the trainer’s discretion.