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Like Us on Facebook for a $10 off a birthday coupon Have some live safari surprises come to your home or park for a unique party experience. You can choose live animalsthat will entertain and educate the birthday child and guests. Tickle the feet of a giant millipede or stroke the scales of a 12-foot python while learning the importance of these animals in their environment.

“Tame” your kids’ curiosity about animals!

Walk On the Wildside

You Get to Select 6 Animals of Your Choice!

A professional Keeper / Educator will bring 6 different animals from all over the world, such as the following: alligator, millipedes, South American kinkajou (in the photo above), opossum, python, hedgehog, etc.

Presentation Details

    • The program will be roughly 45 minutes to 1 hour
    • Entertaining for all ages!
    • A professional will present each animal and information in a hands-on, fun, and educational format
    • The birthday child is the “Junior Zookeeper” for the day and gets to do everything first!
    • Birthday party fees start at $325*(Base fee is for 24 audience members maximum.
      For groups of 25 or more, additional fees (starting at $50) will apply
    • Fees DO NOT include mileage*

To make a reservation, fill out the form below

(Please call to confirm your reservation!)
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Please Choose Six Animals. You MUST choose at LEAST 2 Cold-Blooded Animals

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Discussed Fee? If so please specify

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User agrees to abide by the recommendations (helpful tips), listed on the corresponding services page.
Birthday party base fees are listed for 24 audience members maximum. For groups of 25 or more, additional fees (starting at $50) will apply.***
Deposits on birthday parties & corporate events are non-refundable.
Requested animals are not guaranteed. In the event of a "bad fur" day, Wild Wonders reserves the right to substitute a requested animal with a comparable animal. All decisions relating to the animals (acceptance of location, group size, etc.) are left to the trainer's discretion.

Please leave this field empty.

Helpful Tips

-Base fees are for 24 audience members maximum. For groups of 25 or more, additional fees (starting at $50) will apply.*

  1. -Less than 25 children in a party setting is ideal. It allows for a more intimate, interactive, and enjoyable experience.
  2. -When arranging the contract, the time stated to start the program is important. Our trainers perform several parties a day and must stay on time. We recommend that you invite guests to arrive at least 30 minutes prior to when the animal program is scheduled to begin.
  3. -Please provide a close parking or unloading space.
  4. -If outside, please provide an area in the shade with a wall/ bushes/ etc. for us to set up against (this is so there is no traffic behind the animals).
  5. -Help keep the animals a surprise while we are setting up.
  6. -Please withhold snacks during the presentation.
  7. -If you have an air jump, please deflate it during the presentation.
  8. -Please have payment ready in the form of cash or check (this will help to keep the trainer on time.) (Checks made out to Wild Wonders). Gratuity is not included in the fee. Our staff depends on and appreciates your gratuity.
  9. -For the safety of the children and the animals, please help us supervise the children.
  10. -For the parents who attend and wish not to participate in the program, please have an area away from the program for the adults to socialize, so the trainer will not have to strain to be heard.