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Education Programs

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Please note deposits are NOT refundable.

Science comes “alive” in the classroom with our interactive wildlife programs! Let one or more of our degreed staff of biologists and life scientists, and at least 6 furry, feathered and or scaly teachers come to you for a unique educational experience that will keep your students enthralled and eager to learn more.

Each program is tailored to a child’s comprehension at their class and age level.  Wild Wonders, Inc is a licensed, insured animal education organization comprised of caring professionals with a combined lifetime of experience in animal handling and education.

We incorporate California science standards, reading, vocabulary, social studies and math, all in a fun format! Our educators have been guest speakers for the California Kindergarten Conference, California G.A.T.E. Academy, California Science Teachers Association and the National Montessori Association.

School Assemblies & Classroom Programs:

starting at $350

Summer Reading Library Programs

Starting at $325

Programs that come to YOU!

Our staff of degreed biologists and our 120+ “creature-teachers” will bring the wonders of wildlife to your educational programs.  Students will learn about a range of species from around the world with a unique opportunity to meet coatimundi, bush babies, boa constrictors, a tega and many more Wild Wonders animal-ambassadors.  Curriculum will cover the important role these animals play in keeping our world green.  Topics can be tailored to age appropriate activities with post education materials on wildlife, conservation, and the importance of preservation.

*Animal options may need to be substituted and up to the discretion of Wild wonders

5 Program Themes to Choose From!

The Emerald Forest:

Visit with the mysterious rainforest dwellers of South America!  This theme contains a pre-set assortment of 6 animals, and may include the macaw, kinkajou, boa constrictor, coatimundi, iguana, armadillo, or horned frog!

Out of Africa:

Take our interactive safari from the savannas to the rainforests of Africa to learn about the wildlife and cultures throughout the “dark” continent!  This theme contains a pre-set assortment of 6 animals, and may include the hedgehog, millipede, ball python, African grey parrot, fennec fox, bat-eared fox, bush baby, or giant sulcata tortoise!

Walk On the Wild Side:

Want to see it all?  Wild Wonders has your passport to adventure with animals from all over the world – including South America, Africa, Australia, Asia, and North America!  Our custom program features 6 animals* of your choice!
*Subject to availability, and may be subject to substitution with a comparable animal.  Please choose a minimum of 2 cold blooded options.

Our Big Backyard:

Focus on native North American animals, featuring many from our own beautiful country, with an “at home” conservation theme!  This program contains a pre-set assortment of 6 animals, and may include the porcupine, opossum, groundhog, rosy boa, Western hognose snake, king snake, endangered desert tortoise, or alligator!

Small Wonders From the Land Down Under:

Enjoy a walkabout with some of Australia’s most popular and exotic citizens!  This theme contains a pre-set assortment of 6 animals, and may include the wallaby, kookaburra, cockatoo, sugar gliders, tree frogs, bearded dragon, blue-tongued skink, or python!  Now THAT’s a good’ay, mate!

We also offer Field Trips!

Bring your students to our wildlife preserve set on 5+ acres for an interactive field trip that will excite and engage any student.  Our talented staff of biologists, animal trainers, and life scientists can tailor a unique and interesting field trip that includes a wide range of “creature-teachers” with a focus on the wildlife or animal science topic of your choice.   Come meet our binturongs, viscacha, serval, cotton-top tamarin, siberian lynx, bat eared fox, bobcat, alligator, albino burmese python and many more!

*Because each field trip is unique, please inquire about pricing.

Presentation Details

  • Each presentation is roughly 45 minutes to 1 hour
  • A professional trainer will bring 6 different animals
  • Classroom presentations start at $295
  • Library programs start at $250
  • Assembly presentations start at $375
  • Fees DO NOT include mileage*

Helpful Tips

  1. A secured, easy access loading area (ie. no students in the area).
  2. A table approximately 6 feet long and a sound system to be provided by school if necessary.
  3. If presentation is to be outside, please provide shade and inform us ahead of time (as some animals are indoors only.)
  4. A secured area for animal storage if necessary.
  5. A buffer zone between animals and kids (ie. stage or seating area at least 10 feet back from presentation area.) Center aisle is also helpful.


“Thank you for giving such an awesome presentation!!!”
Tulita Kindergarten Class

Redondo Beach, CA

“This was very informative. It made me really think of the cycle of life and how each living being affects the world.”
Tony Slater, Father

Please complete the inquiry form below, and we’ll contact you about your event.

*User agrees to abide by the recommendations (helpful tips), listed on the corresponding services page.

*Requested animals are not guaranteed. In the event of a “bad fur” day, Wild Wonders reserves the right to substitute a requested animal with a comparable animal. All decisions relating to the animals (acceptance of location, group size, etc.) are left to the trainer’s discretion.