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Welcome to the world of Wild Wonders, Inc. where kids and adults can “tame” their curiosity for “wildlife.” Through live interactive programs and tours at our site or yours, our wildlife educators and our 150 animal-ambassadors will take you on a dynamic adventure you will not forget. Our goal is to excite the public and foster a desire to preserve and learn about the wildlife and the important role they play in the planet we share.

Wild Wonders, Inc. is a licensed and insured wildlife education organization with more than 150 animal-ambassadors.  Our wildlife reserve is located in north San Diego county, and  provides exotic animals and animal trainers for educational programs, parties, rentals, and exhibits throughout California and the United States. Our staff consists of degreed professionals with extensive experience in educating the public, as well as the handling and training of diverse species. We strive to provide the utmost in care for our animals; from diet and nutrition to affection training and behavioral enrichment. All of our 150 animal ambassadors came to us from other educational facilities, were confiscated or owner relinquished illegal pets, or non-releasable native wildlife.They are now dedicated “creature-teachers.” NONE HAVE BEEN TAKEN FROM THE WILD.

We offer interactive education programs both on and off-site, unique animal-encounters from around the world, classroom presentations, school assemblies, birthday parties and other special events. Our animals have appeared on The Discovery Channel, The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, The Howie Mandel Show, The David Letterman Show, the Wayne Brady Show, Good Morning America, The Today Show, Ellen Degeneres and Animal Planet. We will travel anywhere in the United States to provide our services.

Thank you for taking a walk on the “wild side” with Wild Wonders, Inc!


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